What is Your Travel Personality?



There are many different types of travelers out there. Although at times, people can fit into multiple ones, it is always better to know what you travel personality is. This will go a long way in helping you plan your trips. Also, in cases when you have to go on a trip with a travel buddy, before you book one of the luxury hotels in Victoria Island together, it is important you spend time to study your buddy/buddies. Because knowing your their travel personality will help prevent or manage friction and other personality clashes that may arise. Below are some of the travel personalities that exist:

  1. The Adventure Seeker

This type of travel personality is the one that comes across as the impulsive type – the type of traveler that rises up every morning with an infectious lust for life and a determination to try everything at least once. If…

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Stories From The Park-The Seagull and The Squirrel


The lonely Seagull lands on a branch atop the giant Chestnut, suddenly out of nowhere an evil grey Squirrel jumps to the branch. Thank goodness for sheer agility, the Seagull falls off the branch taking flight mid-air, escaping the evil Sciuridae.

No, there were no witnesses but this is what I imagined happened.

Photo: Jeremy Lavender Photography

Author: Yvette Treco

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